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15 years ago

self-defense koroho

Super Self-defense KOROHO, the dynamic and modern martial art from Japan, is simple and easy to learn. It does not require great physical size or strength.
Having been well publicized on television, in newspapers and magazines, we have held many popular seminars in Japan and foreign countries.
KOROHO has been studied and used by the French National Special Police (Gendarmerie) in south France and by Krav Maga (Self-defense) instructors in Italy. There is also a KOROHO Federation in Europe.
KOROHO is practical ,simple and easy to learn , so students include not only policemen , military men , bodyguards and martial artists, but also the general public. It is well suited for practical self defense for women.
In today's life, most criminals use some type of weapon (knife, gun, stick, etc). Most of today's martial arts set the sport as the main goal and offer very little, if any, practical weapons defense training. Even if you practice martial arts for many years, it is very difficult to protect yourself from an assailant's sudden attack with a weapon.
The KOROHO system has made "real world" weapons defense easier to learn. KOROHO employs mainly high speed and simple movements to guard against a sudden attack by using basic human instincts and reflexes.
So, even if you are of smaller stature or do not have great physical strength, , you can defend yourself from an assailant.