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Tyra Banks' Two Cents: Who Pays For A Date?

3 years ago|14 views
Who should pay on a date? Tyra Banks has a few things to say about this one.

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Hi everyone this is Tyra Banks of the Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model, True Beauty, and over a 1000 other magazine covers and television appearances. Give it up for me! (raises arms in the arm) Whooo!

Now, I'm here now to give something I was born to give, Heart Felt Advice. The question is, why am I so damn skinny? Just kidding -- the real question is: Is this my real hair? Yes it is! Can you believe it! Whooo!

Okay -- the real question is: "On a date, who should pay?" Oh girl...listen up because I'm going to tell you something real important -- this is something my mama taught me: Take responsibility for yourself because no one's going to take responsibility for you. You're more than just a body in a bathing suit okay? There's a heart and a brain in that bikini too.

Have some self-esteem! Not that I've paid for anything since my first runway show at 17. Take that Naomi Campbell! My only expense is Swarovski crystal encrusted Vaseline. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! Whooo! See -- look at my eyes. I'm locked in -- here's happy eyes, sad eyes, now I'm vulnerable, now I'm frustrated.

According to dating experts, men prefer to pay, especially in the beginning. Makes them feel like they're big studs. Grrr! But they still like it when you do the purse grab like you were all about picking up your own fierce juice the whole time. And that stuff ain't cheap! Whoooo!