Comedy | Billy Quan: Mind Your Manners | Bruce Lee Spoof

  • 8 years ago
Billy Quan was a fictional television character who originated in the Seattle TV comedy series Almost Live! in the 1990s. Quan was featured in a series of recurring skits called Mind Your Manners with Billy Quan, intended as parodies of the films of martial arts star and former Seattle resident Bruce Lee. The general format of the skits, which averaged one to two minutes long, featured Quan being offended by the rude manners of another unnamed character, usually Almost Live! host John Keister. When Quan pointed out the offensive manners, Keister's character would challenge Quan in a highly exaggerated martial arts battle using such things as pool cues, golf clubs, bowling balls and garden tools. The skits would usually end when Quan would launch himself toward Keister in a preposterous two-legged martial arts kick.