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Dr. Franklin Rose
HOUSTON, TX; August 2016 – First Gentleman hopeful and former President Bill Clinton put his new face forward at last weeks historical Democratic National Convention big reveal. Renown celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose was asked to review the photos to see what plastic surgery procedures he may have had done.

We can’t say for sure what procedures former President Bill Clinton, —who turns 70 this August!-–has or has not done, but photos of the First Gentleman hopeful capturedat last week’s DNC indicate some subtle and not-so subtle changes.

It may not be the most pressing question about Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, but the more we see of husband Bill, the more attractive he becomes!

While Clinton’s speech and history-making role as First Gentleman hopeful in support of his wife’s candidacy for the leader of the free world was ground-breaking; even more inspirational might be said to be his more youthful and revitalized appearance due to a lot of makeup along with the likely aid of an East Coast plastic surgeon.

“He (Clinton) looked younger and more refreshed than ever on Wednesday,” said Dr. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston Texas (who has not treated Clinton.) Dr. Rose is quite certain that the former president had a facelift and more. “Many have noted Clinton’s physical decline in recent years due to his hospitalization for health reasons and subsequent weight loss along with rhynophyma which cannot be resolved without surgical treatment. Certainly, last week, his looks improved dramatically.” Review the story on Dr. Franklin Rose's blog: http://drfranklinrosemd.com/bill-clinton-facelift/

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