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6 years ago

AMEMIYA - Hiyashi Chuka is On the Menu Now (Subbed)

Thank you to Veliem for typesetting!

This is a music video (4 minutes long) we subbed. There are special karaoke subs for the Japanese lyrics and the English translation of the lyrics attempts to rhyme. A short but "intense" (in terms of the work per video length) project from us. Since the translation attempts to rhyme, it's a much more idiomatic (as opposed to literal) translation.

You might recognize AMEMIYA from appearing in Gaki No Tsukai's New Year's Eve No Laughing Airport Batsu Game of 2011. This is the music video of his original song that got him famous and onto various TV shows. He also appeared on Gaki in episode 1040 (January 30, 2011) with this song and has had a bunch of appearances on HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP.

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