Two guys get locked inside cave after closing time

  • 8 years ago
Amusing footage of two friends documenting their experience of getting locked inside St Michael's Cave in Gibraltar after closing time.

The video, filmed on July 9, shows Dylan Azzopardi and Shaun Dalli filming the unique experience, which they actually found quite funny after a while.

Shaun late explained: "We entered the cave to escape the heat of the day. Whilst inside we sat down in the bottom section of the cave. After sitting for a while some minor floor lights switched off with the main lights and music loop still playing so we thought nothing of it. When we got up to leave the door to the exit was closed. We quickly ran to the entrance which was locked too. we tried banging on the door and shouting in the hopes someone was still around and clearing up but nobody was there or heard us. We were fairly confused as to how we had been forgotten about as two security guards had said they would watch over our bikes due to the monkeys which like to destroy things. Despite this encounter and what we took for granted that they would've realised we were still in there, they apparently had not and we went undetected.

"At first we were panicked in the time in between running from the exit to the entrance. When we realised what had happened we just fell to the floor laughing. We were calm throughout except for the overall excitement and comedic feel of the unique experience."

The original video is nearly 12 minutes long but it has been edited down to nearly three minutes. Original available here: