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16 years ago

Slowest Freight Train I Filmed So Far

Chase Millsap
BNSF 4078 & 7008, Helm Financial Group(HLCX) 6209, & NS 4631, Traveling Through with a manifest at the beginning and equipment a few minutes to the end in Kannapolis at About 20 to 30 MPH and notice here that this Crossing's Light and gate system work different, After the full light and gates go down, the 2nd line of gates go down, The reason why it does that? because the 2 intersections and the Tracks are next to each other.
The train was slow because a service truck was in the clear to North Kannapolis and as soon as the truck came by, the train got the clear.
NS 4631 is one of the few engines with the railroad safety campaign "Operation Lifesaver".