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Anachronox The Movie part 03 of 13

il y a 11 ans384 views

Description from Wikipedia :

"Jake Hughes independently combined the game's cut-scenes into a feature-length film, which won three awards at the 2002 Machinima Film Festival. Machinima.com had to say about the film: "Anachronox: The Movie is a tour-de-force, one of the finest Machinima films produced to date, and probably the most accomplished Machinima feature to date. Hell, it managed to hold two over-worked jury members in a room for two and a half hours before the MFF 2002 - what more can we say?". Machinima.com is planning on releasing the film as a high-resolution DVD version, with extra footage and artwork."

I don't know if the DVD really came out, so this version doesn't have a very good resolution. I think it's the only one available, so enjoy!


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Anachronox The Movie part 03 of 13
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