NFS No Limits, AVG Protection, and more apps to try

  • 9 years ago
Welcome back to Softonic’s five apps of the week, the show where we present you with the best, most interesting, and just downright oddest programs that caught our eye over the last seven days. And this weeks that includes Antivirus of Android, a way to turn everyone in your houses phone into a sound amplifier, and a Need for Speed. First this week we have AVG Protection. The famous antivirus manufacturer has just released its latest edition for 2016, and have continued to offer both free and pro versions. This antivirus offers protection from malware thanks to its huge database and AI system, which detects new possible threats. Other features include it scanning sites to warn you about malicious links, and the AVG Zen system which can remotely control and protect any PCs, Macs, or Android devices that you have connected. Next we have one of those apps that made me go… eh… and then ayyy! AmpMe is an app that synchronizes the music you're playing on your mobile phone with all of your friends. This allows them to listen to the same music, at the same time, without lag, across all of the connected devices. SO now you don’t need big speakers – instead everyone can crank up the volume on their phones to amplify the sound at a party or quickly set up their own ad-hoc private disco. Third this week is Adidas Snapshot. This application from Adidas is a really interesting to all of you soccer players who want to show off your ball skills. Recording your kick on a device allows app to calculate the speed and accuracy of the ball. You can then add some effects to the ball to really show off your talent before you share your shots with friends. Now, I feel the need, the need for speed, with this week’s fourth app - Need for Speed: No Limits. This is the latest mobile installment of one of gaming’s best street-racing franchises, and retains the series core values of fast underground racing, customization or real world cars, and speedy style. This mobile game also simplifies the controls down to just three inputs – left, right, and TURBO to help you evade the pursing police! Best of all its free – until you exhausts you fuel and have to pay for more… so many be a better name would have been Need for Speed: Some limits. Finally this week’s fifth app is… well we don’t know, because we are using going to start using this final slot for recommendations from you. If there is an app you would like to see here, then let us know what it is, and why you like it in the comments below and it could be in next week’s show That’s it for this week, we will be back on Monday for another five apps. Also, if you missed it, yesterday our comparison of PES and FIFA went up, so soccer fans should go and check that out. Remember to like, share, subscribe – or even dislike this video to let us know what you thought, and we will see you next time.