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6 years ago

R&M Productions: Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers Episode 3 Part 2

Heres the 2nd Part of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers Episode 3: Evil Logo Chaos & Reverse Colours. Hope youve Enjoyed it!\r
In this Episode, Microsoft Sam is Back, but Sam kicked Scotty in the Crotch, then Beulah kicked Sam in the crotch for kicking Scotty in the crotch by sam. Then, Mary told Beulah to keep calm, but Beulah goes wild to call Mary a Beotch, but Mary throws a tantrum because Beulah calls Mary a Beotch, then Beulah throws a Tantrum for telling Beulah to keep calm.\r
Mary told Anna, and she Apologize to Beulah for Tantrum Throwing & for calling Mary a Beotch.\r
The Whole Studio is in Reversed Colours (Inverted colours), but Sam wants Scotty to get the Normal Colours Back, but Sam Fires Scotty, then Mike Fires Sam, and Sam Throws a tantrum to get the Normal Colours Back, and he finally did it.\r
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