Apple Recalls Some Macbook USB-C Cables Because Of Intermittent Charging Flaw

  • 8 years ago
Apple is recalling certain Macbook USB-C charge cables because of a design flaw.
The affected Macbook charge cables were sold worldwide up to last summer.
In a note about the charge cable recall on its website Apple says a “limited number” of its USB-C charge cables for the Macbook, which were included with the laptop through June 2015 may fail “due to a design issue”.
It’s not specifying the exact problem but says Macbooks using the affected cables may not charge or may only charge intermittently.
The new USB-C port was only introduced by Apple to its Macbooks in March 2015, in a classic Cupertino convergence move that saw it combine multiple port functions — power, data input/output, accessories and display connection — into just the one USB-C port.
So not without the other C-word, controversy, too.
Apple is replacing affected USB-C charge cables free of charge with a new, redesigned version.