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Rootwords - Move feat. Muthoni The Drummer Queen

il y a 4 ans|35 vues
Download this song for free : http://soundcloud.com/rootwords/move-feat-muthoni-the-drummer-queen

Inappropriate Behaviour is a project that was initiated by Rootwords who wished to give Hip Hop fans exclusive songs inspired by different trends such as the classic boom bap, trap, and modern rap. In the purest spirit of Hip Hop, he hit up several beatmakers who each have their own unique sound and universe, along with some special artists to lay their vocals on his new songs.
Consequently, Inappropriate Behaviour turned out to be a project of international proportions with collaborations from no less than four continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe).
One song of this new EP will be released every 25th of the month, starting from January 2016. It will be available for free download along with a video shared on various social media platforms.

"One of the biggest things that bothers me about rappers is how they can be so fake. Every other song is about selling drugs, guns, killing, pimping, money, cars, hoes and so on. I know it has been like this for a long time, but that doesn't mean that I have to accept it!
So, I wrote the song "Move" with the deliberate intention to surprise my audience. I chose a trap-like instrumental composed by GR! & Hook from Switzerland, then laced it with lyrics and flows that (ironically) condemn such behaviour.
Finally, to put the cherry on top of the cake, I invited a real African-female-international-hustler called Muthoni The Drummer Queen, to show you what's really good. This is how Hip Hop is supposed to sound!"

Audio credits
Move feat. Muthoni The Drummer Queen
(G.Escoffey, J.Geissbuehler, A.M.Ndonga, J.M.Nkowane)
℗ 2016 Kinyama Publishing
© 2016 Kinyama Records

Beat composed by GR! & Hook
Mixed by GR! & Hook
Mastered by Simon Capony (Basalte Studio)
Produced by Kinyama Sounds

Video credits
Muthoni The Drummer Queen
Video footage at Paleo Festival 2015
by Raphael Piguet and Yann Gross

Rootwords and the Block Notes
Video footage at Paleo Festival 2015
by Joe Cook and Melissa Maclean

Edited by Joe Cook

© 2016 Kinyama Sounds