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Bjork - Play Dead

Irina Bazhovka
Bjork - Play Dead
Album "Debut" (1993)

"Play Dead" is a song by Icelandic singer Björk, and was released as the only single from the soundtrack of the 1993 crime dramaThe Young Americans. The song wasn't included in the first edition of Debut but was later included as a bonus track, and the album was re-issued October 11, 1993.

Photo: Irina Bazhovka

Play dead

darling stop confusing me
with your wishful thinking
hopeful enbraces
don't you understand?
i have to go through this
i belong to here where
no-one cares and no-one loves
no light no air to live in
a place called hate
the city of fear

i play dead
it stops the hurting
i play dead
and hurting stops

it's sometimes just like sleeping
curling up inside my private tortures
i nestle into pain
hug suffering
caress every ache

i play dead
it stops the hurting
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