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André Evano 2015, artiste peintre,

Manfred La-Fontaine
André Evano 2015, artiste peintre,

Andre Evano did not let to see the works in which he spend all hisemotions.It was not until 2005 that it began its tour of France in the footsteps of his great masters. He created his own style between figure and abstraction,painted themes and achieved on the ground as did all those painters. Now it will not stop creating.
Always armed with his sketchbooklaces, people, the inspiration for paintings in which he pays tribute to his Masters such as Bernard Buffet, Uria Monzon, Paul Cezanne Mathurin Meheut, Nicolas de Stael, Serge Poliakoff or Rothko…..always looking integrating women into the sea, the mountains and the sea,there is no indifferent seeking the unattainable reality that transforms directly.he calls his "Figurative Abstractions" painting. and he is not limited to this style, providing freedom of interpretation.his work are notebooks of sketches and sketches of paper works up to formats of increasing size and elaborated.all techniques are used : ink, watercolor, oil painting or pastel to transpose what he has sketched from life.Nothing is random, everything is search:search for colors search for light ...Where some talk of a color palette,he will, for its part, a palette of lights.
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