Nuovo Cinema -Last 3min.53sec.- KISSes
  • 18 years ago
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, New Cinema Paradise 1988 1989
The last scene of 4 minutes where Salvatore reminds of his childhood in the cinema paradiso, Sicilia.

I would like to know the credit of all the kiss-scene film clips
appeared in that last scene. Please inform me !
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Nuovo cinema Paradiso (1989)

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As Good as Movies Get, 29 November 1999

Author: michaelsjmurphy from Illinois

Movies can wield a strange power over those who sit in the darkened seats of a theatre. The truly great ones manipulate your perception of reality, suspend your disbelief, and ultimately either alter or affirm your view on life. NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO is just such a movie. It is the near-perfect melding of direction, acting, script, sound track, and cinematography. Phillipe Noiret and Salvatore Cascio give the kind of performances usually associated with much more recognizable actors. The supporting cast looks like they could all be full-blooded Sicilians. The location shots add depth and realism to the entire production. Ennio Morricone's music is simply the most appropriate and emotive I have ever had the pleasure to hear in a theatre. Tornatore's script and direction are a joy, a breath of fresh air.

I will not spoil this story by repeating it, nor will I give away the ending, although it matters not a whit. I could disclose fully everything in this movie, and in seeing it, all my words would evaporate. There is nothing like the experience of sitting through it, becoming engulfed by it, and in the end, being changed.

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Profoundly important movie, 25 December 2004

Author: davspin from United States

Cinema Paradiso is a profoundly important movie because it deals with identifiable emotions/issues that could be considered universal on so many levels. The entire story is retrospective similar to Fellini's style as well as a love story that pulls in the viewer on an emotional level. The film also attempts to expose an inkling of Sicilian life, language,(different from Italian) and how "history" has intruded upon and shaped the mentality of the Sicilian people; to also show that traditional concepts of what is "moral" or right is not to be taken for granted because of the people and their particular history. For those who do not fancy history or non-fiction, the film attempts to educate the "outsider" not familiar with Sicilian history as it pertains to the WWII era. I watch it again and again and see more and more details that pertain to the story. I did see it on the big screen at a local theater back in 1991 and it was a hit with the audience. I have several scenerio that I think could make it more interesting and am very curious about the uncut version and what is different about it. Finally, the movie does make me cry because it is after all a love story and it is clear at the end that Toto (aka Salvatore)is still in love with Elena and that is why he never married or settled down " love one person. . . " as his mother says to him after his 30 year absence from home. The final scene of the credits also shows him looking at Elena again and the look on his face is telling. This film has many little "hints" that serve to inform the viewer and give just a little more info. about the story. Truly, one of the best films I have ever seen !!! These characters come alive and we feel like we know them--personally. Viva Giuseppe Tornatore for his masterpiece!

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My favourite film of all time, 20 February 2005
Author: DrLenera

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