7 Things Done Better On The West Coast Than The East Coast
  • 8 years ago
Here are 7 things done better on the West Coast than on the East Coast.

While there are plenty of things the eastern states can brag about, here are 7 things the West Coast does better.
Number 7. Vineyards. Roughly 60% of the wine produced in the US comes from California. Oregon and Washington also make sizable contributions to keep the nation’s goblets full. 

Number 6. Growing trees. Along the Northern California coast, trees can grow to far greater heights than their eastern counterparts. In the east, for example, tallest is a word used to describe one that measures nearly 200 feet. Earning the superlative on the West Coast requires a height of nearly twice that.
Number 5. Scenic drives. While the east coast has it share of beautiful drives, it's hard to match the splendor of natural beauty along California's Pacific Coast Highway.

Number 4. Burger Chains. Americans have