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Cab Driver Involved In 9/11 Pentagon Attack Admits, "It Was Planned."

Frank Ho
Uploaded on YouTube on 1 Feb 2012, by hiptothedig
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I probably initially would have filed this under the "Suspicious But Not Necessarily Enough Evidence To Really Prove Anything" category had it not been for his last statements of the interview. This is an interview of a cab driver who witnessed the 9/11 Pentagon attacks. He claims a light pole smashed into the windshield of his car, damaging only the windshield. Despite his claim that part of the pole was laying across the hood of his car but left no scratches or marks in the paint or metal. The interview starts out a little slow getting to the point, but watch his whole interview and you'll start scratching your head at what this guy is claiming. The real kicker is what he says at the end (11:58), that "it was planned."

This is a snippet of an excellent documentary of eyewitness accounts (which includes D.C. Police Officers and city employees) that contradict the "official" version version of events. It can be watched in it's entirety here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5FhQc...
Even if you don't agree with the "conspiracy" beliefs held by the 9/11 Truthers, you should at least check out some of these reports. I realize that some of the stuff out there sounds a bit crazy at first but at least investigate both sides of the argument and form your own opinion instead of just dismissing it as nonsense right off the bat. As an American you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to at least look into these claims, no matter how ridiculous they may sound. It's up to us, the citizens of this country to keep our government in check because nobody else is going to do it for us. We've been asleep at the wheel for far too long, it's time we wake up and start looking at the big picture before it's too late. Knowledge is power. The truth is out there, seek and ye shall find!
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