LA'84 Closing Ceremony - The UFO

  • hace 17 años
To the crowd's disappointment, the Olympic flame was extinguished. The audience was then instructed to place a piece of blue filter in front of their flashbulbs to create a sea of blue. A large and flashing space ship appeared soon after the appearance of two helicopters. The lights from the infield stage shone onto the space ship as a sign of communication. The space ship responded by flashing it's lights and quickly landed behind the peristyle. Smoke and flickering lights surrounded the peristyle as green and blue lasers shone from the top of the peristyle columns. From the base of the torch, an alien appeared and said "I've come a long way because I like what I've seen". The alien disappeared in the darkness and a massive 30-minute pyrotechnic spectacular began. The fireworks were a tribute to the past host cities that have hosted the Olympic Games and the soundtrack to the display reflected this aspect.