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Seahawks spank Broncos in Super Bowl 48!

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
4 years ago|40 views
Super Bowl XLVIII should have been called Great Expectations...

We expected the game to be played in a frosty wasteland, but instead the weather was a balmy 49 degrees fahrenheit, making it only the third coldest.We also expected the NFL's "Best Offense" in the Denver Broncos to put up more of a fight against the "Best Defense" of the Seattle Seahawks...

However was more like a Tale of Two Cities. For the 'Hawks, it was the best of times-- from the coin toss, they chose to play defense, clearly showing what side of the ball their power is on.

For the Broncs It was definitely the worst of times. From the first snap, where Peyton Manning tried to call an audible, but wasn't, causing a safety, they just couldn't get it together.

Seattle's stingy defense, plus Denver's lethargic and at times very incohesive offense, led to the Seahawk defense scoring more points than their offense by the end of the second quarter.

Who scored for 'Hawks didn't matter for the Broncos though since Coach Fox and the Legion of Boom kept Denver down to exactly 0 points in the first half.

The second half got underway just like the first-- with Seattle scoring immediately.

The Seahawks' 11-million dollar acquisition, Percy Harvin ran the return back down field 89 yards, while shaking most of Denver's special teams out of their Nikes in the process. Like Machine Marshall said -- he's worth every penny just off that one play alone.

Jermaine Kearse beat the last nail in the coffin when he ran a simple slant route in front of the defense and proceeded to make the Bronco defense look more like they were waiting for a bus than actually try to tackle the guy.

Stick a fork in it-- Seattle winds by a landslide over Denver, 48 - 8.

Your Super Bowl MVP was Malcolm Smith with a 69 yard interception converted into a TD, and one very weird post-game interview.

And that's a wrap for Super Bowl XLVIII...Where the only guarantee was that the new state plant for Washington and Colora