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Man witnesses rape and murder of ex-girlfriend via Skype

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
4 years ago|430 views
A Chinese man who says he witnessed the rape and murder of his ex-girlfriend through Skype has given evidence in the prime suspects trial in Ontario, Canada.

The case involves the rape and murder of Chinese student 柳乾 (Liu Qian) who was studying in Toronto three years ago when a sexual assault left her dead.

Liu's ex-boyfriend, Meng Xian-chao (孟憲超), who reportedly witnessed the entire ordeal via webcam, flew from Beijing to Canada to testify. He said he had already broken up with Liu at the time, but the two remained friends and were in contact a couple of times a month.

According to Meng, he and the then 23-year-old Liu were talking on Skype. The suspect, Brian Dickson, who lived in the same building as Liu, came into Liu's room. Meng turned his webcam away so as not to make Liu feel uncomfortable.

Meng told the court his English was limited which made it hard to understand the conversation between Liu and Dickson. Other witnesses testified that Liu was experiencing problems with her wifi connection and had sought help from residents in her building.

Meng says he saw, via his webcam, Dickson entering and leaving Liu's room several times as Liu talked to him. Meng said Dickson then forced his way into Liu's door and tried to hug Liu. The next thing Meng saw was Liu being pushed down by Dickson, with most of her body except for one leg being pushed outside the camera frame.

Later, an indistinct noise of a man groaning and furniture clattering came through the webcam. Before the light of Liu's room was turned off, he heard Liu's muffled sound, as if her mouth was covered. Dickson allegedly then walked in front of the webcam with no pants on, and shutdown the computer.

Meng then logged into Liu's instant message account to ask her friends for help. When police arrived the next day, Liu was found dead. Her computer was also missing.

Lab report shows that Liu died from suffocation. Dickson was accused of first-degree murder as the traces of sperm found on Li

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