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ValueAddon Software REVIEW: Kris Dehnert's Testimonial for Value Addon

IMtool Review
5 years ago|26 views
Value Addon Membership Software:
Value Addon Software Limited Discount:
Value Addon Software REVIEW and DEMO:
If you’re looking to build a membership site or sell online courses for profit, here’s my top 5 tips to get started right away.

Tip 1: Stop wasting your time with outdated tools and complicated membership scripts. Instead, build your own membership within minutes by using an incredible new tool called Value Addon. It handles EVERYTHING for you. You just upload your content and set your prices.

Learn more at:

Tip 2: Don’t think you’re not “smart enough” or need to a so called “expert” before you can start sell online courses. Realize that your students barely know ANYTHING about the subject you want to teach and always remember what you think of “common sense” is actually VERY helpful to people and is completely new to them.

Tip 3: If you’re stuck on how you’re going to “structure” your online course, try the “dump method”. Get a notepad out and write down EVERYTHING you want to teach. Just start writing as fast as you can, don’t worry about the order. Just list all the topics and ideas you can. After you’re done, take a few minutes and start rearranging everything in the correct order that your students should learn. When you’re done, you’ll have a complete curriculum outlined.

Get full Detail of Value Addon Software:

Tip 4: If you’re creating video or audio content, break up your training content in small sized chunks so your students can go through your content easier. 5-20 minutes for each lesson is a good start.

Tip 5: If you’re unsure what to charge for your content, remember these 2 points. If your content does not change from month to month, consider a flat fee. If you will be modifying or adding new content on a consistent basis, consider a monthly fee.

Now stop overthinking and get started:
My top tool I recommend for selling online courses is called Value Addon. It makes selling online courses simple and comes with EVERYTHING you need.

Value Addon’s Features Include:
Fully hosted and comes pre-installed.
Built-in shopping cart and pre-approved merchant account.
Built-in “Fill-in-The-Blanks” sales page creator.
Beautiful looking members area.
Takes only MINUTES to get started.

Go to Value Addon Membership Official Site:

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