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Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Russian Live News television on A9 TV (29 November 2014)

5 yıl önce|134 görüntüleme
ADNAN OKTAR: Daria, how are you?

DARİA OKHRANACO: Oh, I’m just fine. And how are you? And thank you very much for agreeing to talk with us. It’s a real pleasure to have you as an expert.

ADNAN OKTAR: You are a very beautiful lady.

DARİA OKHRANACO: One more time thank you. Mr. Oktar, could you please just tell me in general your opinion, about the visitation, about the relations between Russia and Turkey now? About the connection between our countries.

ADNAN OKTAR: Russian people are great people. Russian people are lovely, their personality is great and they are beautiful. It is very important for us that the world appreciates and loves these delightful people. We love Russian people in Turkey. We want Russia to join the European Union. We also want them to have very close and very friendly ties with Turkey. I have lots of Russian friends. You, too. You are lovely, friendly, beautiful, kind people. You are clean, sophisticated and polite. We love Mr. Putin, too. Of course everyone makes mistakes but Mr. Putin indeed made Russia develop greatly with an ambitious move. He improved the relations with Turkey. He is committed, and brings European culture to Russia. He is full of life, and encourages living life to the fullest. He gets along with young people, he knows how to connect with them. So, it makes us really happy to see Russia lively, healthy and energetic. We love you. We want Russia to be strong, healthy. We want Russia to be good. We want Russia to have very close ties with Turkey.

DARİA OKHRANACO: In the European Union right now what are the main questions, in military questions and economic questions, what are the main and most important things for Russia and Turkey to work together on and to be connected? Which spheres are most important for Russia and Turkey to work together?

ADNAN OKTAR: Those problems should be solved swiftly and with love and with sincerity. Formulas choke people. There is no need for that. Turkey and Russia are two perfect candidates for the European Union with their modern, bright, happy and healthy appearances. Both are rich countries, advanced in technology and science. Europe should appreciate and hold on to these valuable countries. But if we immerse ourselves in formulas, we would be wasting our years. Let’s forget the formulas and solve the problems fast, with love and sincerity and connect Turkey and Russia to the European Union to achieve great prosperity.

DARİA OKHRANACO: About the European Union; the relations between Russia, Turkey and European countries, for Turkey, in which areas Russia is still a strategic partner?

ADNAN OKTAR: We don't have to put any limitations to that. Partners first and foremost in love, sincerity, friendship, brotherhood; these are the most crucial points. But of course, we can cooperate in all areas like science, technology, art and common defense treaties and in protecting each other. 

DARİA OKHRANACO: Please tell me; so tomorrow, there is going to be meeting between the President of Russia, President Putin, and the President of Turkey. And in the European Union, what do they expect from this meeting? 

ADNAN OKTAR: The most important point is for Turkey and Russia to love each other. For them to be friends, to be brothers and for us to cooperate in every matter. For the warm ties of friendship to be built as soon as possible. It is also crucial that we adopt a common and committed approach in our efforts to join Europe.

DARİA OKHRANACO: In the European Union, thank you for the answer, what would be the next steps to join the European Union? What are needed to be done to be closer to the European Union?

ADNAN OKTAR: Only love, peace and sincerity. Nothing else. The most powerful weapon in the world is love. And sincerity and spirit of friendship. This will create a positive atmosphere. This is what Europe is seeking as well as the world. This is what all people want. As I talk to you right now, I approach you with love. I say what I feel. I am speaking with sincerity. I could have spoken in a formal manner. I could have used a complicated language like a politician. Like some politicians do. But I don't. I use a genuine, approachable and a sincere language.

DARİA OKHRANACO: Oh, and one more question, an addition about the situation between Russia and Turkey. I’m reading your articles and you wrote where you were saying that there were lots of interests between Russia and Turkey, which are from the same areas and that Russia can help Turkey in some ways and also Turkey can help Russia in some ways. And in Europe, how is it important for our countries to be friends nowadays and in the European Union also and what problems, tensions were already solved and were through?

ADNAN OKTAR: This would immediately put an end to the decline of the European Union. At the moment, the European Union has grown old and is almost collapsing. But it will turn into a super power when Tur

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