Rooks and Kings: Ironclad
  • 9 years ago
Guitars and Guardians - 2010's Ironclad. Even nearly half a decade later, I still get mails about it from pilots for whom the video played a role in their path towards logistics cruisers. Although less well known that the Clarion Call videos or 'Anatomy of a Fight', Ironclad appears to have become something of a connoisseur's favourite.

A particular motif that has persisted is the act of repping a girl's bait ship out of structure - cementing the logistic pilot's place as the rock star of the fleet.

The video was originally released in early 2010 as a tribute to the Guardian group of RnK's early days that brought us both love and hate (the latter blaming us for the birth of the 'logi blob'). I also wanted to focus a little on triage-cycle cross-tanking and in this regard the video serves as a precursor to 'Anatomy of a Fight'.

- Maldoror, December 2014