Kenya: Elephant Watch Safari Camp

16 anni fa
Fluid Geographic Films -

"The idea of Elephant Watch Safaris came to me as I was sitting on the roof of my Landrover, watching elephants. A young female walked towards me and lifted her trunk. I held out my hand to the tip of her long nose and murmured a low rumble-call while her warm breath flowed over my fingers. For a while she remained by the car, flapping her ears, ripping grass and twirling her trunk. As I looked at her closely I felt a silent new friendship was developing.”
The rationale behind “Elephant Watch Safaris” is borrowed from whale watching; that there is more value in the live animal from people watching it, than there is from killing it for its products of meat, skin and ivory. Elephant Watch Safaris is a first in Africa and I am delighted to be able to offer visitors this new and wonderful experience in the Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya. While venturing into the secret world of elephants, our guests are also looked after in great style.

Oria Douglas Hamilton -

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