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SPIS-5.1 demonstration

This is a demonstration of the new generation of the European spacecraft plasma interactions software, SPIS.

This video was presented by Artenum ( and ONERA ( during the Final Presentation Days organized in ESTEC by the European Space Agency in December 2013 (

SPIS is an open source software project supported by the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Network in Europe, SPINE (

The Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Software (SPIS) was first initiated by ESA under contract number 16806/02/NL/JA and with support from:
- CNES (
- IRF (
- CNRS (
- Technical University Lisbon (
- Thales Alenia Space(
- Astrium (
- Paris 7-Denis Diderot University (

It was developed by ONERA and ARTENUM