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G-Dragon (BIGBANG) - Birthday Mix 2014 #Happy27GDay (Mashup by J2J) [ Version Instrumentale ]

Jérôme Peynot
il y a 5 ans|174 vues
Edited by Jérôme Peynot. Don’t re-upload on others websites.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/JeromePeynot
Instagram : http://instagram.com/jeromepeynot
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/JeromePeynotMashups

Original version : http://youtu.be/8QMi1ziSBrA

Songs List :

A Boy (Acapella)
Bad Boy (Acapella)
Black (Instrumentale/Acapella)
Breathe (Acapella)
Crayon (Instrumentale/Acapella)
Crooked (Instrumentale/Acapella)
Fantastic Baby (Instrumentale/Acapella)
Heartbreaker (Instrumentale/Acapella)
High High (Acapella)
Michi Go (Instrumentale/Acapella)
One Of A Kind (Instrumentale/Acapella)
R.O.D (Acapella)
Shake The World (Acapella)
The Leaders (Instrumentale)
This Love (Acapella)
Who You (Acapella)

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