Flower Travellin' Band - 1972 - Made In Japan (full album)
  • 10 years ago
Made In Japan is a 1972 album by Flower Travellin' Band. "Hiroshima", "Heaven and Hell" and "Aw Give Me Air" were covered by Cult of Personality, 9, and punk band Pulling Teeth respectively, for the 2000 Flower Travellin' Band Tribute album.
After meeting Paul Hoffert of Lighthouse at the Expo 70 festival in Osaka, Flower Travellin' Band were invited by Hoffert to come visit Canada to record an album.

Due to Wada becoming ill, drummer Paul Devon plays on some tracks on this album. The lyrics are all written by Yoko Nomura, the wife of the band's manager.

Vocals - Joe Yamanaka
Guitar, Sitar - Hideki Ishima
Bass - Jun Kozuki
Drums - George Wada*, Paul Delon
Lyrics By - Yoko Nomura
Music By - Hideki Ishima