Saving Lives at Level Crossings – A price too high to pay

  • il y a 10 ans
Publication video ILCAD 2014
There are millions of near misses and thousands deaths estimated on level crossings around the world every year. But because the numbers are relatively low compared to accidents on the roads, not enough priority is given by policy makers to improving safety.
The International Union of Railways (UIC), road sector organisations, European Institutions and the UN-ECE are committed to raising awareness about the risks, improving technology and changing behavior. This film has been co-financed by UNECE, the Federal Office of Transport of the Swiss Confederation (FOT) and the International Union of Railways (UIC). This film is a documentary aimed at making the public and decision makers aware of the dangers at level crossings to better tackle this particular safety issue and risky interface to decrease the number of accidents and casualties around the world.