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8 years ago

Mind Power Programs


If you want a true change in your life, including a totally different set of thoughts coming out of your mind, so that you can correctly balance your vibrational energy to the optimal level for becoming a perfect receiver, without watching seminars, reading blogs or self-help topics, without being tricked into buying easy money making systems/schemes/books, then you're in the right place at the right time.

I have the ultimate solution to all your possible problems: custom made professional video subliminal programs, with audio suggestions and written positive affirmations. This kind of re-programming tools are unique and built to imprint your subconscious mind with new beliefs leading to new habits which will help you to be successful in life, using fast growing techniques and powerful visionary images capable of transforming thoughts into matter. In other words, I will help you create your own reality in a period between 30 and 90 days.

If you don't want to spend another second of your life searching for nonsense and wandering what's wrong with you because you're stuck in a loop generating despair, limitations, lacks and low self-esteem, spend some decent money and purchase the best life-changing program that has ever launched on the market, easy to use and mind-blowing speaking of its rate of success - your personalized mind movie, especially adjusted for your needs.

Price list:

10 minutes movie = 80 USD
20 minutes movie = 160 USD
30 minutes movie = 240 USD

There can be movies made entirely in a slideshow software or movies that contains combined sequences from different slideshow software or many other short clips especially designed to attract money, luxury lifestyles, perfect business, tranquility, harmony, faith, love, health, wealth, relationships, friendships, behavior changes, cars, homes, boats, success in any desired form - you name it, you have it.

Make a choice for a positive change in your life NOW. Stop postponing actions to complete your desires because intelligent, formless, shapeless matter can't wait till you will be opened to new paths of Universal knowledge, when thoughts and words become things.

Take this opportunity to improve different aspects of your life that you're not pleased with and let's make a move forward.

These all-in-one stunning tools will quickly weed your subconscious of useless paradigms and will imprint instead new beliefs and habits destined to attract wealth, prosperity, success and abundance.

E-mail me at and make the difference!

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