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6 years ago|128.2K views

US seeks extradition of world's most wanted man

After evading capture for years, the world's most wanted drugs trafficker is finally paraded before the media in Mexico City on live TV.

Joaquin Guzman -- known as El Chapo or "Shorty" -- surrounded by heavily armed troops boards a helicopter bound for prison.

He is the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, which smuggles huge amounts of illegal drugs into the United States.

The US was offering a reward of up to five million dollars for information leading to his arrest. Now it wants him extradited to the US to stand trial.

Guzman was arrested at this hotel in Sinaloa state in a joint operation with the United States.

But police say they nearly caught him here at his ex-wife's house but he gave them the slip through a tunnel leading to the city's drainage system.

Instead of spending his final days of freedom living the life of luxury.....he spent them scrambling through tunnels and drains.

The entrance to this tunnel is found under a bath, tipped up i
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