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Anoraak - Behind Your Shades

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Directed by O.S.A.K.A.H (
Art Directors - Samuel Kaperski & Thomas Delebecque
Director of Photography - David Moerman
Camera Assistant - Anastazja Pereyre
Steadicam Operator - Sacha Nacéri
Chief Lighting Technician - Marc Droumaguet
Script Supervisor - Léa Neuville
Stylist - Gwendoline Robert
Make-Up Artist - Aline Guérin
Assistant Producer - Marie Zéniter
Editor - Paul Breton
Colorist & Conformation - Brice Auger
Post Production - Ouich'Eaters

Technical Means - Adorama Rental (NYC), Gérard Gallé, David Moerman, Guillaume Corde, Teva, Sacha Nacéri

In Order Of Appearance:
Girl 1 - Eloïse Robert
Girl 2 - Capucine Guhur
Man 1 - Jordan Tucker
Man 2 - James Oscar Belsey

Produced by Grand Blanc & Ouich'Eaters

Special Thanks :
Toma Changeur, Les Balades Sonores, Delphine Ninous, Ludovic Magnier, Aurélie Poty, Charlie Kévina, Ronan Louessard, Lucie Delebecque, Pierre Veysset, Frédéric Rivière, Guillaume, Victor Rodier, Ernő Rubik

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Vidéos à découvrir