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8 years ago

Mass Referral 2.0 Dental Marketing Summit/Seminar - Internet Marketing for Dentists

MassReferral, Dr. Ken Newhouse coaches dentists and doctors across America how to get new dental patients, how to grow their practices, and live a stress free life by having a dental marketing program in place. Dr. Newhouse teaches about the power of video testimonials, mind-control dental marketing techniques for persuasion, joint venture relationships, etc... He delivers in spades and the proof is in the pudding. 69.7% of attendees decide to sign up for additional services with Practice Doctor Management. Dr. Newhouse offers a money back guarantee that you will find no one else in the dental industry offers. That is how confident he is that he can grow your practice FAST! Call 800-875-9066 or go to today to sign up. Seminar dates are as follows:

Nashville, TN at the Embassy Suites on Nov. 1st, 2013
Cincinnati, OH at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Dec. 13th, 2013
Indianapolis, IN at the Marriott East Hotel on Jan. 24th, 2014.

You can also view more information on our new website which is under construction at or call to have additional information sent to you at 800-875-9066.

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