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    Dates Like This Season 2 - Episode 1 - Happy Birthday Bitch!

    Dates Like This

    by Dates Like This

    A year after Meg took a chance on her 30th date and Alicia jogged off into the sunset, both girls are ready and willing to move on to the next phase of their lives. Alicia's plans to focus on herself and her dancing are less glamorous in practice than in theory and she begins to realize her post-breakup social life is in shambles and her career prospects are equally grim. Meg's put-yourself-out-there philosophy is paying off with a promising new mystery romance, and a hip new group of lesbian gal-pals. But even the best laid plans can get shaken up when the universe decides to throw a curve ball or two...
    Meg -- Hannah Vaughn
    Alicia -- Leigh Poulos
    Danielle -- Kathy McCafferty
    Zachary -- Matthew Robert Gehring
    Nikki -- Jessie Barr
    Blake -- Rebecca Robles
    Kelly - Elyse Brandau

    Directed by Jessica Solce
    Produced by Michael Nixon, Hannah Vaughn, Leigh Poulos, Jessica Solce

    A Double Bullseye Production
    in association with Team Biscuit Films (