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    Rejected Pitches: Forrest Gump ft. Aidy Bryant

    Above Average

    by Above Average

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    THE FINAL EPISODE: Forrest Gump
    In the final episode of Rejected Pitches, the hard-to-please movie executives decide "Forrest Gump" isn't smart enough, cool enough, or sexy enough to have a whole movie based on his made-up stories.

    Rejected Pitches
    The vast majority of movie pitches are rejected. Even movies that we know and love--or sort of love--were most likely rejected at some point, too. This is a webseries about the movie executives who rejected those pitches.

    Written and Created by Dan Klein

    Starring Kelly Hudson, Dan Klein, Ben Rameaka
    Featuring Adam Bozarth as Robert Zemeckis & Aidy Bryant as Alison

    Directed by Greg Stees
    Edited by Kelly Hudson
    Sound by Jeff Gaumer
    Makeup by Hanna El-Assad

    Above Average Producers: Brendan McMorrow & Celeste Ballard

    Special Thanks to Craig Rowin