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Every Jellybaby Scene - Doctor Who

6 years ago|8.1K views
This video was deleted from my youtube account so I'm uploading it here instead.

I am aware that there are some scenes missing. The ones I missed are as follows:
- The 8th doctor offers a Jelly Baby to a police officer in the movie
- The 4th Doctor offers a Jelly Baby to a man sitting under a tree that Lela has just assaulted in part 1 of "Image of the Fendahl"
- The 6th Doctor mentions Jelly Babies in the part 1 of "The Two Doctors"
- The Doctor gives a jelly baby to the collector in part 2 of "The Sun Makers"
- The 4th Doctor is eating jelly babies in part 2 of "The Ribos Operation"
- The 11th Doctor quoting his previous regenerations in the beginning of "The Almost People" (this video was made before that episode came out)

A lot of people commenting on youtube thought that I missed the scene where the Master offers his wife a jelly baby or scene where the second doctor offers Benton one in The Three Doctors. They are in there, I assure you.

Note that these clips are not in chronological order.

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