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Minecraft Hunger Games Tips and Tricks - Strategy Guide

4 years ago328 views

This took hours to put together, feel free to leave a like rating!

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Hunger Games Tips n Tricks

1. Learn the armour/weapon rankings.

2. Use a bow / flint & steel / both when being chased by someone with better equipment or a larger team.

3. Aim to be below your opponent, their hitbox will be closer to you than yours is to them.

4. If you end up above an opponent jump hit to crit hit which will knock them back making them take falling damage.

5. Don't be afraid to retreat, when running away find cover that is 2 blocks high and spam jump to glide forwards faster.

6. Ladders can often be a good way to escape.

7. When trying to kill someome quickly attempt to hit them
towards a wall or vine to slow them down.

8. A strategy I like to use is to jump crit hit on my first attack,
then sprint forwards, continuing to hit the enemy upwards.

9. Whenever you can throw junk items back into chests by shift clicking, it's the fastest way to clear your inventory so you can quickly pick up loots and escape from enemy kills.

10. If you manage to get a sword in a spawn chest kill as many people as you can to pick up their initial loots. It can give a huge advantage.

11. Draw enemies into water if you have a bow.

12. If in a multi team battle situation attempt to draw other players into fighting rather than doing it yourself.

13. Jump and catch vines to decend quickly.

14. Stand up against a cobblestone or plain wall to easily spot player tags.

15. Use shift to hide your player tag from other people and then sneak attack them.

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