King Crimson Interview 1973 - "Eras" 1969-1982 2DVD set

  • 11 years ago

This rare interview from 1973 presented here for the very first time with english subtitles

This is a special 2DVD set that features as a bonus an audio-only presentation of the Hyde Park July 5, 1969 free concert. The whole concert was never filmed but we felt it was too important a document to leave off a video-based 2DVD set. There was enough room on disc one to include it so we felt that was the best way to go to create an ultimate video AND audio classic King Crimson experience. This 2DVD set also has video from Beat Club 1972, Melody TV 1974, Montreal 1973, 1979, improved quality Central Park 1973, improved quality from Fridays 1981, Germany 1982, & more. We also added many more animated menus with plenty of effects and music to help enhance this one of it's kind King Crimson experience. Click on link for a full description of the entire contents of this special 2DVD set.