10 years ago

David Chandler 15 - WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part 3) - Dutch subs

Frank Ho
Part III of this series fully explores the implications of NIST's admission that WTC7 entered actual freefall and critiques the foundations of their "investigation." In the end it calls for a new, independent, fully empowered, and open investigation.
[The WTC7 series has elicited a number of questions from people unclear on the details of how I did the measurements, compared to how NIST did them and how the representatives of NIST described their measurements. I have therefore created a WTC7 Measurement FAQ page: http://www.911speakout.org/WTC7-Measurement-FAQ.pdf . I will also use this FAQ as a place of reference for other questions that arise as well.]


Deel III van deze serie onderzoekt volledig de implicaties van NIST's erkenning dat WTC7 werkelijk vrije val had en heeft kritiek op de fundamenten van hun "onderzoek." Aan het einde vraagt ​het ​om een ​​nieuw, onafhankelijk, volledig bevoegd en open onderzoek.