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24H Inside - The 2015 Le Mans 24-Hours TV channel

24 Heures du Mans
24 Heures du Mans
The Le Mans 24-Hours internet TV channel, which has met with increasing success year after year, is back on the site with an innovation in the 24H Le Mans application. It will complete the already very full contents to help users follow the race down to the tiniest detail. This new service is called 24H Inside, and it will again be provided by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest thanks to backing from Rolex and Michelin. It goes on air on Wednesday 10th June.

The 2015 format of the Le Mans 24-Hours Web TV has been rethought to help viewers live the event from the inside. The behind-the-scenes of the race are at the centre of this service from Wednesday 10th June at 20h00 for the start of qualifying until the finish of the race on Sunday 14th June.

Thanks to a studio installed just beside the paddock, 24H Inside will be broadcast as the TV news of the Le Mans 24 Hours airing every hour for 20 minutes so that viewers miss nothing of what’s going on on the circuit.

Interviews with the main players in the race, meetings with drivers and spectators will enrich the contents comprising special reports on the entertainment, concerts, the people who beaver away behind the scenes and historic subjects devoted to the Le Mans 24 Hours in particular and endurance racing in general.

Two distinct channels will co-exist, one in English hosted by Ben Constanduros, and the other in French with Pierre Van Vliet at the micro, and will be available to all net surfers. The reporters are Victoria Ravva and Harley Edmonds and they will help web viewers to live the event as if they were there on the spot!



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