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WWF - Silence of the Pandas

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The WWF is the largest environmental protection organisation in the world. Trust in its green projects is almost limitless. Founded in 1961, it is the most influential lobby group for the environment in the world, thanks largely to its excellent contacts in both the political and industrial spheres. Behind the organisation’s eco-façade, the documentary maker uncovered explosive stories from all around the world.
A year in the making, this film is a journey into the heart of the green empire and may shatter public faith in the panda forever.

EN and NL subtitles are human-made, other subs are auto-generated.

© Wilfried Huismann, Germany 2011

Tabel of contents

Intro 00.00
Tigers in India 01.31
Indonesian palm oil 11.40
Anthropologist vs. WWF 20.45
Foundation & 1001 Club 26.32
Argentine toxin desert 30.28
WWF & GMOs 43.19
The Monsanto deal 44.20
Papua land grabs 47.00

• FULL INFO AT https://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/wwf_the_silence_of_the_pandas/

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