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Michael Phelps

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12 days ago

''Michael Phelps who?' Creepy footage of a snake ZIPPING through a swimming pool'

'The only thing scarier than a snake is a snake that moves at superspeed, and that is exactly what's shown in this video.

Surfacing from Glendale, CA, this nerve-wracking footage shows a snake slowly and quietly entering a swimming pool.

While the aforementioned visual is creepy in itself, it doesn't hold a candle to what happens next.

Upon finding itself fully immersed in the water, the reptile dashes through the upper and lower levels of the pool within a few seconds.

"Michael Phelps who?" the filmer, Melissa Storti wrote online. "So, I work for an animal trapping company and was called in to remove a snake from a residential swimming pool."

This nail-biting clip was recorded on March 26, 2022.

Name: Melissa Storti
Location: Glendale, CA, USA'
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