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Bhutan-China Talks Raise Eyebrows, India Watches Closely| Geopolitical Unrest Explained | Oneindia

Bhutan-China Talks: India Watches Closely Amid Diplomatic Shifts. Bhutan's negotiations with China on boundary issues and diplomatic relations draw attention. Concerns linger over potential territorial concessions. India urges Bhutan to safeguard mutual security interests during discussions. Geopolitical dynamics in the Himalayan region shift as Bhutan navigates delicate negotiations with China. WATCH.

#BhutanChinaTalks #GeopoliticalShift #IndiaMonitoring #DiplomaticNegotiations #TerritorialConcerns #SecurityInterests #HimalayanRegion #DiplomaticShifts #BhutanDiplomacy #ChinaRelations
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