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Pulse oximetry

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8 months ago

How A Pulse Oximeter Can Save Your Life--Or A Loved One's

Pulse oximeters measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood when clipped onto a fingertip.
And according to HuffPost, they're becoming increasingly popular for home use.
People are buying them to monitor a family member if he or she becomes seriously ill with COVID-19.
Doctors praise the use of pulse oximeters because they can alert people who don’t realize they’re gravely ill to the fact that their body is struggling for oxygen.
One of the biggest worries with COVID-19 is when someone doesn’t realize their oxygen levels have dropped because they don’t actually feel unwell.
It's a phenomenon sometimes referred to as happy hypoxia or silent hypoxia.
As a normal reading usually ranges from 95-100%, if your reading is under 95%, it's a red flag. Seek medical attention immediately.