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10 days ago

Mums travel to Marseille for 72 hours after bagging return flights for £17 – and return home in time for work

A group of mums travelled to Marseille for 72 hours after bagging return flights for £17 – and dashed home in time for work.

Anne-Marie Moss, 45, jetted off with her mum pals - Jill, 50, Elisabeth, 50, and old school friend Rachel, 45 - on May 14, 2023.

The friends soaked up the sun and spent their three-day break cruising around the coastline, eating at a circus-themed restaurant and on a Segway tour of the city.

They spent £97 each for their hotel for two nights, £20 for parking and used £108 spending money for all the activities and food.

The mates had three full days in the French city before arriving back in Manchester on May 17 at midnight - getting back in time for work and school runs the next day.

For Anne-Marie this is her ninth cheap getaway in two years – and the friends are already planning to return.

Anne-Marie, a receptionist at a mental health hospital, from Accrington, Greater Manchester, said: "We went on a cruise visiting the Calanques on the Marseille coastline.

"We ate at a fantastic circus-themed restaurant.

"We went on an open deck bus tour and on a Segway tour of Marseille which had some scary moments driving through the busy streets of France.

"We visited the beautiful Notre Dame and the cathedral.

"The weather was really nice."

Anne-Marie has been snapping up cheap flights for quick getaways since December 2021 - after taking a trip with her daughter, Trinity, 20, and her friends to Kraków, Poland for just £16.

Since the mum has visited Poland six times - always securing a cheap return flight - as well short breaks in Romania and Palma, Spain.

Anne-Marie has been expanding her travel group as she goes - with more of her mum and school friends joining in.

She said: "I originally went away with Rachel, an old school friend, last year and since then our 'holiday group' has expanded with others wanting to join us on our trips.

As long as you're nice and up for an adventure come along.

“You’ve got to be up for things.

“We don’t relax by the pool.”

This time around the friends decided to try a new destination - Marseille, France - packing in as much adventure as possible.

Anne-Marie said: "We loved the boat trip visiting the Calanques National Park, the waters were crystal clear.

"The Segway tour was the funniest and most enjoyable part, neither me or Jill had ever been on a Segway and decided to do a three-hour tour around Marseille.

"We got to visit a lot of the beautiful sites, riding around the ports and it was such a laugh.

"We had a couple of scary moments as the pathways got quite narrow and steep, but we absolutely loved it.

"Rachel and Elisabeth went on a three-hour bike ride around the coast and covered 18 miles and they both really enjoyed that."

After missing out on a kayaking trip that was cancelled because of stormy seas the pals are already looking to go back.
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