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Edgar Morin

3 years ago

Want To Get Your Head Strong And Healthy? Stop Telling These Lies To Yourself

Wochit Business
Wochit Business
Psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Amy Morin says our thoughts can sometimes hold us back, despite our best efforts.
According to Business Insider, Morin says it's important to confront thoughts like 'I'm not good enough' or 'I'm too damaged.'
Instead, replace them with self-empathetic thoughts, by saying instead "I am worth it' or 'I'm a survivor.'
If you feel trapped in a job, saying 'I can't stand this' means you cannot tolerate discomfort. That's a weakening thought.
Instead, say 'I'm choosing not to do this.' That's an empowering thought.
If you think, 'I don't have the willpower' to diet, you do have the power to change your environment. Ditch the doughnuts!
Finally, if you say your mental health condition or past traumas prevent you from being strong, that's just not true.
Seek therapy, work on the strengths you do have, make your mental health your number one priority, and take action. Good luck!
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