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Theo van Gogh (art dealer)

5 months ago

This Day in History: Van Gogh Cuts off His Ear

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Wibbitz Top Stories
This Day in History:, Van Gogh Cuts off His Ear .
December 23, 1888.
Van Gogh mutilated his earlobe
during a fit of dementia
while staying in Arles, France.
The Dutch painter was sharing a house at
the time with fellow artist Paul Gauguin.
Van Gogh allegedly lashed out at Gauguin
with a knife before using it on himself.
He is said to have given his earlobe to
a prostitute who worked at a nearby brothel.
Van Gogh checked himself into a
mental hospital in Saint-Remy
following a brief hospitalization in Arles.
During this period, he experienced
intense moments of creativity, painting some
of his most known works, such as 'The Starry Night.' .
Though he sold only one painting during his lifetime,
Van Gogh's work now auctions for
prices in the tens of millions