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Auschwitz concentration camp

2 months ago

New footage shows woman setting up her controversial posed shot outside Auschwitz

New footage shows a woman setting up her controversial posed shot outside Auschwitz.

A bystander, who said she was "disgusted" by what she saw, captured the incident on video.

A picture posted online earlier this week showed a man snapping a woman outside the concentration camp.

She can be seen leaning back and running her hands through her hair on the railway tracks which transported at least a million people to their death.

Now new video shows a different angle.

The woman who caught the incident on film, who is of Polish heritage, described it as "outrageous".

She said: "My grandfather and grandmother were lucky enough not to have fallen victim to the Holocaust, but they remember it well.

"I was on the guided tour with my partner. You are constantly reminded to show respect and wear respectful clothes.

"So to see this lady lying across the track where so many were sent to die, casually taking photos, was outrageous.

"Everyone was so stunned at the blatant lack of respect. But she didn't seem to notice our reaction - she just carried on to the next bit of the tour."

The picture has also been widely criticised online.

The Auschwitz Memorial account replied to one tweet about the picture, posting: "Pictures can hold immense emotional & documentation value for visitors.

"Images help us remember.

"When coming to @AuschwitzMuseum visitors should bear in mind that they enter the authentic site of the former camp where over 1 million people were murdered.

"Respect their memory."

At least 1.1 million people were murdered at Auschwitz by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Located in southern Poland, the death camp became the centre of the genocide against the Jewish people.