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Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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This Day in History: John F. Kennedy Is Assassinated (November 22)

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This Day in History:
John F. Kennedy Is Assassinated.
November 22, 1963.
The 35th president of the
United States was assassinated
while traveling through
downtown Dallas, TX.
Kennedy was shot
at 12:30 pm as his
motorcade passed the
Texas School Book Depository.
Former Marine
Lee Harvey Oswald
allegedly fired three
shots from the sixth floor.
The shots fatally wounded
the president, who was
pronounced dead 30 minutes later.
Hours later,
Oswald was
arrested by
Dallas police.
Two days later,
he was shot and killed
by Jack Ruby as he
was being transported.
The murder was viewed on
live television by millions
of Americans.
Conspiracy theories
concerning Kennedy's
assassination have
circulated for decades

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