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21 minutes ago

"I'm a fugitive mum on the run from Interpol set to make £100k a month from OnlyFans after quitting uni"

A fugitive mum who says she's on the run from Interpol is set to make £100k a month from OnlyFans after quitting uni. Lisa Marie Mathers, 30, is wanted by Interpol over a legal battle with the Norwegian authorities, she claims. She claims she fled with her two boys in 2013 and has since feared arrest since due to ongoing legal issues in the country. The mum says she feared she would be arrested in February 2017 when she refused to return to Norway to deal with the legal challenge. Lisa claims she hasn't been abroad since for fear of detainment. But Lisa - who has six children between the ages of two and 12 - since quit her English degree at the University of Inverness, Scotland, after seeing soaring success with her raunchy OnlyFans modelling career as Lady Penelope. She now spends up to eight hours a day taking saucy snaps for her 'MILF' niche and her husband, Paul, 40, an engineer, is her biggest supporter - he even sold his house to get her a £6k boob job. Lisa, from Inverness, Scottish Highlands, added: "I was really scared of the Norwegian authorities - I moved address so they didn't know where I was. "I started getting calls from Norway to say Interpol were involved and I couldn't leave the country. "I haven't been abroad since and haven't been able to take my children on holiday because I'm too scared they will arrest me." In March 2017, Lisa said she defied a court order which demanded she return to the state of Norway. According to the mum, the authorities have since dropped the case, but she remains fearful and unsure of what would happen if she left the UK. Lisa is originally from Scotland, but her parents moved to Norway when she was 13 and she met her now-husband, Paul, when he was working over there. Within three weeks she had left her ex and was smitten with Paul - they married in December 2013 and moved in together in Scotland, she said. Until recently, Lisa worked for Private Eyes strip clubs in Scotland, but the mum decided she wanted a change and left to pursue an English degree at university - before sacking it in to join OnlyFans.