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Tourette syndrome

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My Tourettes Went Viral - But People Think I'm Faking It | BORN DIFFERENT

ZARA decided to post videos online to give insight into her reality of living with Tourette’s Syndrome after her tics got worse. The 16-year-old first experienced tics at the age of seven but aged 14, she said the situation ‘spiralled’. The teenager was also recently diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which causes fainting and seizure episodes as well as paralysis. A video of her having a COVID test went viral and people accused her of faking it but Zara hopes to raise more awareness about her conditions. Zara is passionate about music - she sings, plays guitar and writes her own music - and these are things that give her a break from her conditions. She has been on a journey to accept her conditions and that she cannot control it. Zara said: “It doesn’t have to define who I am, I can be me separately and just have Tourette’s and I can post about it, but that’s not entirely who I am.”

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